Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of use of the website and services of Tiara Healthcare are set forth in this agreement, which is between the client and the platform. By using the services of the platform, the user acknowledges and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions together with the Privacy Policy sections.

By using the Services or the website of the Tiara Healcare, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by this Agreement. The Services of the website does not refer the user to a specific provider, but rather provides a list of potential providers that the patient may wish to meet.

The details in the profile of a medical provider include the facility’s name, address, and the photos of its before-and-after operations. Patients have the right to explore the providers’ services and expertise to find one that’s most appropriate for them.

We collect information from various sources but mostly the Providers themselves, but we are not responsible for its accuracy. Despite our efforts to provide only reliable information, we are not responsible for its relevance.

The goal of the website is to provide a direct link to a healthcare facility for patients who are looking for information about their treatment or stay there. However, it does not provide a confirmation that the facility provides the best possible service.

If a user decides to go to a certain medical center, the organization will assist and support the user from the beginning of their trip until they reach their destination. The team will also help them with any issues that may arise during their stay at the facility.

The Tiara Healthcare acts as an intermediary between the client and the provider. Patients should not use the information posted on the website to make their own decisions regarding their treatment.

Only those who are over 18 years old can access the services of the website. In the event that a user performs on behalf of a third party such as under a 18 years old, they will be required to inform the employee of the website about the actions that they perform on behalf of that third party.

The Tiara Healthcare is not responsible for the actions of the medical provider or the patient when it comes to compliance with the terms of their contract between Medical Provider and the Patient. The responsibility for the actions of the medical provider falls solely on the Medical Provider.

The services of the website are free of charge, but it can be also be used to provide additional paid services, such as travel guides and research services. After the patient has provided his or her e-mail address, the website’s platform uses this information to send news,blog contents and information, and the client can opt out of receiving such information.

The user can request an alternative opinion from the healthcare provider if the patient has already received a preliminary evaluation from a doctor. This type of evaluation is only available if the patient has a prior medical opinion. It should be noted that this type of evaluation cannot replace the doctor’s personal visit.

The user can also opt to provide his or her medical information to a doctor or clinic through an alternative opinion service. This method allows the user to have his or her medical records stored and transferred to the chosen Medical Provider.

The services offered by the Tiara Healthcare are only available if the user has the necessary information about him or her identity. This information is only used to provide the services requested and should not be used for any other purpose.

After the user has created a medical record, the Tiara Healthcare uses the information provided by the patient to create a personalized record for the user. It then shows the doctor or the provider list that fits the patient’s diagnosis and situation.

The payment method for therapeutic, diagnostic, and advisory services is exclusively between the Client and the Medical provider, without the involvement of the Tiara Healthcare company. In some cases, the Medical Provider may require a pre-payment before the patient is seen.